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I have spent the last 20 years studying brands and the process of branding. My firm, Goldforest, works with clients in many industries to develop brand names and identities for new or renewed products, services and companies. Our identity work extends from logotypes to packaging, flavor and variety names, promotional materials, corporate identity systems, Web strategies and more. I have also studied the private label business extensively and, as a public speaker, I've presented the results of my firm's research in this area at industry events and for private engagements. Finally I have developed and consulted on a number of successful retail brands, including store banners, signage, fixturing, promotional materials, private label product lines, communications plans and more. If you must know, I was born in Baltimore in 1959, and I still think the Colts have the most beautiful uniforms in sports. But I can't root for them in Indy. It's a source of anguish.

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